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Ghosts of Winter

Dave Nachmanoff
Dirk S/Dave Nachmanoff


Dirk S., Bad Driburg, Germany:

"Dave Nachmanoff did a custom song for me, "Ghosts Of Winter", and I shall not challenge his customs decision. Ain't no reason for that. I did pay the price, but I will not count the cost. A phrase which - by the way - is as candid as it was borrowed from "Rush". I had the vague conception of a seasonal wraith appearance, but what he raised is nuffin' but the whole menagerie of midwinter animi. Artic Circle at the least. Cast in music. He simply nailed it.
So one may not exactly be pushing too hard to claim that Ph.D. Dave is the real "Man For All Seasons", though other leading contemporary philosopher, Alastair Ian Stewart, might have had someone else in mind. Having promulgated his treaty. Anno Domini MCMLXXVIII. But this is 2014 and I'm on the verge of handing down another set of lyrics to Dave, for I have catched the scent of custom songwriting and now I want more. In 2030 we'll have a full album, I suppose... Thank you, Mr. Nachmanoff, and long may you ramble!!!"