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The Sun Sets on Tibet

Lou St. Clair


Not exactly a custom song but a recording project at Nachville:

"I started writing The Sun Sets On Tibet like I always do; just me singing with a guitar in my hands. Record it a few times experimenting with melodic structure and adapting lyrics as I went along. Essentially that was what I sent to Dave to begin our collaboration on arranging and creating a backing track. I made it clear from the outset, that the tune had to include one of  Dave's "trademark" guitar solos which are of course legendary in stature. Dave from that starting point created a track with a facility that was humbling to experience. Throughout, Dave was always supportive, professional and positive the likes of which, I've never encountered before. Particularly, when I was discouraged about my vocal delivery and the process of the same. Whenever I made a suggestion or request Dave acted on it with expediency and seemed to understand instinctively what I was blabbering about. His experience and expertise soon became very obvious to me. From start to finish, he was the consumate pro. But, best of all, he was a friend to me. When I heard the final mix that he sent, my eyes were a little moist. I've listened to Dave's music for years but working with him on one of my own songs was beyond gratifying;  it was having a dream come true !  This individual stands out magnificently by his integrity, musical prowess and his studio recording acumen. Got a dream to fulfill ?  Contact Dave.   -  Most sincerely,  Lou St.Clair