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Custom Songs

Have you ever wanted to present a song to someone for a special occasion? For centuries, troubadours have composed songs about current events or famous people. Modern day troubadour, Dave Nachmanoff will write a song for your event, record it, and present it to you with a fully produced CD, custom-made to order!

You can have Dave write and record the song from scratch. Send him the information that he needs to construct the lyrics (words), and guidelines on the musical style (if you have a preference), and he will create an original song. Once the draft is written he will send you a 'rough' recording to get approval, and then send the 'master' recording once it has been approved.

Or, you can write the song with Dave, then have him record it. Or if you are musically inclined, record it with him. Dr. Dave has co-written songs with people from five years old to ninety-five (literally).

Or, you can write the song yourself, then have Dave arrange and record it, with or without you on the recording. Any option can be done in person, or long distance, although if you want to sing on the recording you will have to come to Davis, CA, or bring Dave to your area and find a studio.

The base price for this fully realized recording is $1000, though depending on instrumentation, turn-around time, etc... it may vary somewhat, call for details.

The package includes - a CD with the song, simple original artwork (cover, tray-card and label on CD). If additional copies are needed, you can simply have them duped, or pay $3 per additional copy (up to 25 copies) for Dave to dupe them. For larger orders, special arrangements can be made

Suggestions for occasions for custom songs:

  • Weddings
  • New jobs
  • Graduations
  • Retirements
  • Funerals
  • Roasts
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Birthdays
  • Mother's Day
  • New babies
  • Jingles for small businesses
  • Valentine's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Civic celebrations
  • store/restaurant openings
  • songs for home movies/videos

    For some samples of custom songs by Dave, visit the Music Clips page on this site!



  • Testimonials

    "Dave took my words and crafted them into a wonderful song about my grandkids.  Fantastic music that exceeded my expectations.  We love it!  The final song was 5 minutes long and fully produced -very impressive.  Working with Dave was a blast."  John Fesler, Myrtle Beach, SC

    "Some years ago I saw a concert from Al Stewart and met Dave after the show. I added my name to his list for E-Mail-News. One day, I read that Dave writes custom songs.  In March 2009 I thought about a gift for my girlfriend’s birthday. It should be really unique and a one-off. I had the idea to ask Dave for details for a custom song and I had to confess I was surprised about the price – I expected double the price.  I sent my own particular ideas to Dave my E-Mail. I didn’t want just a “simple lovesong”, but a song about the crazy coming together of my girlfriend and me. I quickly felt that Dave would treat all information entrusted to him with the strictest confidence. I was astonished to how Dave placed himself directly into the story and how he translated this idea into the music and lyrics. It became a song which was better than I’ve ever expected. My girlfriend was  speechless as she got the song on her birthday. We both were happy about the greetings Dave sent by E-Mail that day.  For the CD cover design I sent Dave pictures and my ideas by E-Mail. Some days later I had the CD in my hands. As desired, Dave had signed the CD and included all documents he had produced (lyrics, notes, etc) with the shipment. The complete action took seven weeks – form March, 5th to April, 25th. It was the perfect gift for my girlfriend and I gained some insight into the development of a song." - Thomas Müthel (Germany)


    "To say the song was a “huge success” is an understatement. I was totally blown away, not only by the sentiment of Larry doing this, but also by the quality of the song. I loved the interplay of the instruments and the catchy tune and, of course, your singing voice which I have always admired.  My friends were also totally in awe. I did wonder if you thought we were nuts with our silly screen names and words and expressions that you very cleverly wove into the song. I have listened to it at least 20 times, and haven’t actually made it through yet without both giggling at some of the words and a tear in my eye or lump in my throat at the end. This was by far the best gift I have ever received, and I will treasure it forever. Thanks again for helping make this milestone birthday of mine incredibly special." - Sue ("Mission Maybe" custom song on the Music Clips page).