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BIG NEWS for 2011! Many friends and fans have been asking when I will release another CD (my last real solo CD was 2006, Time Before the Fall). Between family commitments, touring, and projects for others, my own songs have had to wait a bit. However, with Kickstarter I see a way to move forward. Just as I like to get people involved in the music through singing along, clapping along, or co-writing songs in my workshop, Kickstarter will allow my community (friends/family/fans) to be involved in this project! A Kickstarter campaign works something like a public radio and TV fund drive. There are various levels of sponsorship and special "Thank You" rewards that are available when you contribute. I will also be able to send updates and video/audio clips of the project as we go along. Some of the rewards include more direct involvement - such as a visit to the studio during one of the recording sessions. Read more and DONATE!